AIR+ Reusable Mask

MaskPureTM AIR+ Reusable Mask

Customised by ST Engineering for Temasek Foundation, each pack contains one grey MaskPureTM AIR+ Reusable Mask.

The MaskPureTM AIR+ Reusable Mask provides proven protection for everyday use, with antimicrobial protection against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, and more than 95% particulate filtration against PM2.5 and harmful particles.

It is available in M and L sizes.

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1Tested according to ASTM E 2149-13a and ISO 21702: 2019 standards.
2Filters more than 95% of PM2.5 and harmful particles. Tested by Nelson Labs according to STP0014 Rev 09 protocol.
3Long-life active protection for up to 30 washes, once per week or when dirty. The effectiveness of the antimicrobial and water-repellent coating as well as filtration performance may be reduced after 30 washes. However, the mask may continue to be used if there is no visible damage.


Test Item

Test Standard

After 30 Washes

Antiviral Performance ISO 21702: 2019 99.9%
Antimicrobial Performance ASTM E 2149-13a 99.9%
Water Repellency AATCC TM22-2017e Rating – 80
Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) STP0014 Rev 09 protocol > 95%