Mask wearing has become a topic for discussion ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, with various misinformation spreading around online. Despite the fierce debates, the effectiveness of mask-wearing is not at all controversial. In fact, the benefits of wearing a mask are well-proven through science. Here, we debunk three common misconceptions surrounding face masks in Singapore.


“Cloth masks are useless”


AIR+ Voyager Reusable Mask

There’s been a stigma surrounding cloth masks because they’re often seen as ineffective compared to wearing a surgical mask in Singapore. While there’s some degree of truth to that, it doesn’t render all cloth masks useless. There are advanced cloth masks that use premium filtration material and other technologies for protection against bacteria and viruses. Compared to regular cloth masks, these advanced cloth masks can provide effective protection under non-occupational settings. If you’re looking for reusable face masks in Singapore that offer premium protection whilst being just as comfortable, check out AIR⁺ Voyager Mask. Engineered for premium protection, it filters 95% of aerosolised particles, is more than 99.9% effective against viruses and bacteria, as well as anti-odour protection.


“I only need to wear a mask when I feel ill.”


Face mask Singapore Mask Wearing is Only Needed if One is Sick

It is often said that being prepared is half the battle won. In the same vein, diligently wearing a mask, especially in a pandemic environment, is crucial in minimising the chances of catching a virus. The face mask forms a barrier around your nose and mouth when worn, blocking respiratory droplets from others, as well as trapping those particles from the user. In short, wearing a face mask in Singapore not only protects yourself from others, it also protects others from you. Choosing a medical-grade surgical mask in Singapore ensures more effective protection against these airborne particles which may be contaminated by viruses versus a regular cloth mask.


“I can’t wear a mask because I have asthma.”


Face mask Singapore People with Asthma Shouldn’t Wear a Mask

Given how our breathing tends to be a little more laboured when we wear a face mask in Singapore, it might be reasonable to assume that it would be worse for wearers who have asthma. People with asthma are, in fact, more prone to developing serious Covid-19 complications and hence, it’s absolutely necessary that they use a surgical mask, even though mask mandates are now easing across the world. Nevertheless, always consult with your doctor if you experience trouble breathing when wearing a mask.

AIR⁺ is a reusable and surgical mask supplier in Singapore, committed to positively impact the world by applying engineering innovation to the development of respiratory protection solutions for healthier lives in all aspects of your daily life — at work, on the go, and at home. Each AIR⁺ mask is also rigorously tested to ensure that the highest standard is delivered, from quality assurance to control. For more information about our products, please visit our website.

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