The Covid-19 pandemic not only pressed a pause button on vacation planning for most of us, but also emphasised the importance of hygiene and respiratory care. As you contemplate potential travel plans, good habits old and new can help ensure an enjoyable trip, all while keeping you and your family safe throughout. AIR⁺ is a leading supplier of face masks in Singapore, and we’ve put together these simple hygiene travel tips which can help make all the difference. Read on to find out more!


Take recommended vaccinations

Before you travel, touch base with your doctor and make sure you’ve received all recommended vaccines and boosters that you are eligible for. Taking essential vaccinations will help prevent onward transmission by reducing the chance of infections.


Wash or sanitise your hands regularly

Wash or sanitise your hands regularly

While it's widely recommended to wash your hands with soap and water, it can sometimes be inconvenient to search for a water tap when you're on the move. Therefore, it is advisable to bring along a small hand sanitiser, especially when visiting public places such as sightseeing spots, restaurants, train stations, and more. 

Rub your hands and fingers for at least 20 to 30 seconds to make sure they are fully clean and sanitised. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of an alcohol-based hand rub with greater than 60% ethanol, and 70% isopropanol if your hands are not visibly dirty. It is also crucial to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Keeping these hand hygiene practices in mind can be helpful for reducing the overall risk of getting infected.


Stay masked up in crowded environments

Stay masked up in crowded environments

Airborne bacteria and viruses spread most efficiently through respiratory droplets. The droplets or aerosol particles can vary across a range of sizes, from the visible to microscopic. These droplets carry the virus and transmit infection, continuing its spread through the air in the room or space even after some time. That is why face masks are generally a good idea in any situation where you’re around a significant number of people. 

Consider wearing a face mask in crowded areas. This is especially beneficial for individuals who are immunocompromised or otherwise most vulnerable to severe outcomes from Covid-19.

For a reusable mask with premium protective features and breathable comfort, choose the AIR⁺ Voyager Mask - with 3X protection to defend against viruses, bacteria, city pollution and even nasty odors. Its ultra-plush nose cushion and adjustable ear loops ensures a comfortable mask-wearing experience as you go on your urban adventures.

Do note that due to the evolving nature of guidelines and restrictions around the world, it is best to check the official websites of your destination country before making any travel arrangements. That said, we hope that this advice comes in handy as you embark on your long-awaited trips abroad.

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